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A camel is an even-toed ungulate in the genus Camelus, bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as "humps" on its back.The three surviving species of camel are the dromedary, or one-humped camel (C.When the animal lies down in a sternal recumbent position, the pedestal raises the body from the hot surface and allows cooling air to pass under the body.

It resembles a long, swollen, pink tongue hanging out of the side of its mouth.Secondly, renal corpuscles have a smaller diameter, which reduces surface area for filtration.These two major anatomical characteristics enable camel to conserve water and limit the volume of urine in extreme desert conditions.The hybrid camel, a hybrid between Bactrian and dromedary camels, has one hump, though it has an indentation 4–12 cm (1.6–4.7 in) deep that divides the front from the back.The hybrid is 2.15 m (7 ft 1 in) at the shoulder and 2.32 m (7 ft 7 in) tall at the hump.

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