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They noted that unlike federal and state government sessions, town board meetings are frequented by residents who must appear for everything from business permits to zoning changes.While the court had upheld the practice of legislative prayer in the past, most recently in a 1983 case involving the Nebraska Legislature, the case of Town of Greece v. In countries including India and Bangladesh, police have been accused of condoning these murders by failing to investigate them properly.WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday narrowly upheld the centuries-old tradition of offering prayers to open government meetings, even if the prayers are overwhelmingly Christian and citizens are encouraged to participate.In thirteen countries, you can be sentenced to death for not having a faith: 1. At least three atheist bloggers have been hacked to death in Bangladesh after penning posts advocating that scientific proof should inform opinion above religious beliefs.Just last week David Cameron sparked backlash when he used his Easter message to describe the UK as “a Christian country”.

Justice Samuel Alito drove home that point in a separate concurrence Monday in which he called the liberals' dissent "quite niggling.""Not only is there no historical support for the proposition that only generic prayer is allowed," Alito said, "but as our country has become more diverse, composing a prayer that is acceptable to all members of the community who hold religious beliefs has become harder and harder."THREE DECADES OF CONTROVERSYThe court's 30-year-old precedent, Marsh v.Once the legal battle was joined, town officials canvassed widely for volunteer prayer-givers and added a Jewish layman, a Wiccan priestess and a member of the Baha'i faith to the mix.The two women contended that the prayers in Greece were unconstitutional because they pressured those in attendance to participate.53 per cent of people say they have no faith, while 13 per cent claim they are committed atheists. However, despite the prevalance of atheism and humanism in the UK, many may be surprised to know that having no faith can be a life or death matter around the world.

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Does evolutionism truly explain the great variety of life on Earth?

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