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The launch pad the show gives artists fails to catapult contestants from obscurity to the A-list 70 percent of the time.Superstardom, as we popularly define it – sold-out stadiums, several platinum albums, an eponymous fragrance, and endorsement deals from Chevy – hasn’t come to former winners Ruben Studdard, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia Barrino, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee De Wyze or Scott Mc Creery.They come from a variety of sources, some much more reliable than others.The following numbers are (mostly) ballpark figures, and are not meant to be taken as absolute fact.Personally I'm not that interested (nor am I excited about doing math voluntarily), so I'll leave that up to you.Family Feud is becoming more and more popular, and its host has so many other irons in the fire that his hosting salary isn't likely the main reason he's doing this gig. Interestingly, Richard Dawson made 0,000 per season - at least in his early years. was doing well in prime time, its host commanded a hefty per episode salary.may be given its last best chance to prove its relevance this year.

BBC WHINGERS: The pair both visit Scotland and complain about the weather The Tardis arrives in ancient Aberdeenshire in tomorrow’s episode (BBC One 6.45pm) – and the pair moan about the weather. And when they find a soldier who died through “total absence of sunlight”, Nardole quips: “Death by Scotland.”--------------------------------------------------------A RACE row is brewing in the House after Deborah Agboola said Lotan Carter and Rebecca Jane branded her “aggressive” during a row simply because she is black.

A limited number of requests will be taken into consideration to start -- others will be added to the waitlist.

At this time, only notable public figures will be considered, including celebrities and athletes." And if you happen to be a celeb yourself, Pambakian added, "Individuals wishing to verify their profiles on Tinder can email [email protected] consideration." The prospect of swiping right on our fantasy date sounds like a (sex) dream come true, but as for why a superstar would dip their toes into the character-building world of Tinder, we have, uh, a few questions.

He made half of what Foxworthy pulled in - but to be fair, there were all of those models to pay as well...

BBC BATTLE OF THE ABS: Poldark to expose torsos for the fans Aidan Turner’s Ross Poldark will go topless in a bedroom scene with his wife Demelza (played by Eleanor Tomlinson).

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And, seconds later, newbie Harry Richardson (who plays Demelza’s brother Drake Carne) shows off his chest as he takes a wash in the creek.

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