Cvs update not updating

cvs import always imports all the files, and all subdirectories, in the working directory from which it is being run.That is, it imports a directory tree into the place specified by the argumetk.

The argument is always the full pathname, after the $CD_SOFT/cvs part, of the root of the directory you want to create, even if some of the intermediate directories already exist (in this case, "common/" already exists).

Since in cvs the norm is to checkout whole directory trees, cvs update is the way you find out if anyone has checked stuff in on to of you.

In particular its a good idea to run cvs update on your checked out files before running the cvs commit.

Had the same problem, and solved it when i deleted the content of my workspace/project/Web Content/folder with problem/CVS/Entries, then i refreshed my files in eclipse and it worked. In addition to removing files that started with .#, I also had to "Overwrite and Update" the file so that Eclipse CVS knew what state it was in.

If this happens when updating code, this error could be avoided by synchronizing the workspace first and addressing any merge issues.

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