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Make the expat move with a spouse and children in tow, and you’ll slot relatively easily into a life filled with play-dates and school runs, and make friends through both.However, moving to the area without a spouse and children can be a daunting and sometimes isolating experience.The UAE does not celebrate any independence day represented by the British declaration of withdrawing from the area in 1968, it celebrates a union day that happened three years after on the 2nd of December 1971.

[5] [6] and Sheikh Zayed was elected president of the union, and Sheikh Rashid as Vice President of the UAE.People will usually dress up in UAE national flag colours, decorate their homes, workplaces, cars and streets to celebrate the day with joy and happiness.Heritage Villages are set all over the emirates in order to celebrate this event traditionally.Liana Liston, an accountant based in Dubai, believes not.Like all of the women we spoke to, she feels that the region is essentially safe, with a few caveats.

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