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Her clients are impressed with her thoughtful, spiritual guidance and honesty. Ask psychic Kathleen questions about your health concerns, or career path.

She will provide you with provocative and sensitive guidance that will both excite and propel you with insights you won’t receive from anyone else. Hi Kathleen, Just wanted to say that you are damn good.

Let e Gurus Technology Tutors (formerly Computer Tutor For Seniors) help you or your loved ones stay connected.

A private computer tutor helps seniors learn how to use the necessary computer software programs to connect with family and friends.

Once the main area of concern has been identified, getting to the central question is not so difficult. If they ask a question, I do that translation work for them.

It’s been my experience that it’s much easier to establish an interactive style of reading with someone who is open to asking questions.

This undivided attention helps the private computer tutor to personalize the senior's computer lessons around those interests and suggest alternative ways to explore these interests using their computer."I was 88 years old and legally blind when my son bought me a computer.Jennifer has been my teacher now for several months, leading me patiently into a new world.What I perceive may be an event, feeling, or insight that has happened and is relevant to your present and future experiences. A client is not required to ask a question and certainly I read for many clients who don’t wish to ask a question for a myriad of reasons.I enter a realm where past, present and future all exist at the same time.” I may begin by helping them identify what area of their lives they are the most concerned about, such as, health, love, career, life purpose, travel, retirement. I explain to clients that if they don’t ask a question they are left with the complex task of translating the messages I convey into something that makes sense in their lives.

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