Dating yamaha guitars by serial numbers

The second and third numbers are the month; March (03).

The third letter is the month; June (see chart above.) The first and second numbers (following the 3 letters) are the day; 18th. Made in Japan, 1984-1986: Letter-letter-letter-letter-###.

The guitar itself sounds great, just like in the reviews.

By the mid/late 1970s most Greco Gibson-like models were being made with set necks and open book Gibson headstock designs.

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Some other Greco Gibson-like models from the 1970s had a different headstock design, more like a Guild headstock design, that had a Greco logo with equally sized letters.

Yamaha serial numbers are recycled every ten years, 29 formats are supported here based on research available on the yamaha website.

In order to date my recently acquired Yamaha AES1500, i needed to wade through Yamaha’s documentation They have two links which i found handy One for Electric Guitars, Arch-tops and Basses and one for Acoustic and Classical Guitars…

Guitar Serial Number These document contains almost all of the most well known serial number formats – all documented for you – thanks Yamaha!

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Kaohsiung Factory, Made in Taiwan, 1971-2001: ########.

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