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It may be that your eyes have been over working for most of your life, will never relax enough to give you clear distance vision with what should be your full distance prescription, and you may need progressives, bifocals or separate reading glasses.That is my uneducated guess regarding what is going on. Take care Lou Lou , Hi Weirdeyes Re.: He didn't give any explanation beyond farsightedness being weird.He just said to continue using my 1.00s for reading. My accommodation is fine, the chart just looked ridiculously small to me.Even my left eye without correction can see relatively clearly up close.I have the same problem with the distance chart which is why I find subjective testing.

Sadly it's now sold out but you can follow the link on the right to shop the current collection, then recreate the look with one of the picks from our roundup below.

Looking laid back Chrissy sported a double denim ensemble featuring jeans and a jacket teamed with a Gucci yellow tee.

She then accessorised her look with black suede boots and a croc handbag.

He carried little Luna on his hip as she enthusiastically took in all of the sights around her and the two proud parents doted on her.

Musician John was all the while looking cool in a floral bomber jacket worn with shades and shiny sneakers.

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Was at work yesterday and fairly quickly realized that I was not wearing my glasses. I'll only use the super strong reading glasses at home, so I don't think I'll recondition my eyes. So I'll have a 1.00 add pair for relaxing my distance, a 1.50 pair for computer use and a 2.50 pair for when I want to spend a lot of time on my phone. You are 21, you don't want to start weakening your ciliary muscles by not giving them enough to do, since you will be supplying the extra plus you need to read up close with glasses rather than allowing your ciliary muscles to squeeze your crystalline lenses to supply the extra plus.

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