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How on earth can they justify paying her m for three years?

How on earth can they justify paying her million for three years?

sketch featuring Kellyanne Conway garnered criticism from both conservatives and liberals for portraying the top aide to President Trump as obsessed with getting on CNN, in a spoof of the 1987 thriller On Saturday’s broadcast, the show featured a new pre-filmed segment featuring the South Jersey native, played once again by cast member Kate Mc Kinnon.

This time, Conway was depicted as the clown Pennywise in a spoof of the horror film .

Her hefty salary has drawn the scorn of senior NBC and Comcast executives who believe the 46-year-old shouldn't be raking in more than the network's veteran stars.

Although NBC has thrown its weight behind the new show, Kelly's ratings tanked on Wednesday, critics have slammed the star for not connecting with her audience and she has found herself in a string of uncomfortable celebrity guest encounters.

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