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The latter, which is so necessary to the silkworm industry, is now receiving attention in many places, principally in the States of Puebla, Jalisco, Michoacan, and Guanajuato. Inset " Map of the valley of Mexico on enlarged scale." L.

A Mexican planted, in 1896, 152,000 mulberry trees in the State of Guanajuato, pursuant to a contract made with the State legislature, in which contract he binds himself to lay out 2,000,000 trees within two years.

It has been demonstrated that the California species thrives better. 273-274 Diaz, Porfirio 21 Dictatorships 21-22 Dioceses ^18 Dispersion of the Toltecs 17 Distilleries 209 Distribution of seeds and plants. 316 Educational institutions sup- ported by the Government 316 Educational methods 313 reforms 313 Electric plants 214 Elections 47 Emancipation of slaves 19 Empires 21-23 End of Spanish domination 19 Episcopal Church 320 Estimated receipts and expendi- tures of the Treasury for 1900-1 . 20 Executive law on conversion of the foreign debt. - 144 Petroleum .- 195 Pineapple, cultivation of 173-174 Pisciculture 14 Plan de Iguala 19 Placers,gold 185-186 Plantations or haciendas 178 Plants, distribution of _ 146 electric 214 fibrous 13,164-166 fodder.. 47 Presbyterian Church 320 Preservation of national forests. 147 Presidential election 47 Price of cattle 180 clothing 347 food products 346-347 land.. 303 Principal countries trading with Mexico 232 Privileges granted to banks 263 colonists.

A GEOGRAPHICAL SKETCH, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO EOOE'OMIO OOE'DITIOIsr S Al^D PEOSPEOTS OF FUTUEE DEYELOPMEi N^T. "The cultivation of olives and the vine," says Bancroft^ "labored under severe restrictions. At the beginning of this chapter reference was made to the efforts of the Department of Promotion to encourage the culture ot these plants. In 1790 an effort was made to revive it, but without success. The silk-worm industry made fair progress at first, but the com- petition of Manila and Spain caused its gradual neglect.It is not the custom in Mexico to make large deposits in the banks, not for lack of confidence, however, but it is claimed that the stamp tax on checks and drafts has much to do with this. Report of Consul- General Barlow, November 23, 1898. this on security that the banks would probably not accept, as they are ver}^ conservative. The usual rate of interest charged varies from 6 to 8 per cent, only outside brokers and professional money lenders obtaining more, and 1 Commercial Relations of the United States, 1898, vol. All accounts are kept in Mexican currency and the principal banks have accounts in New York, London, Paris, and Berlin.

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