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As they grow closer, will trouble threaten them or will they prevail and allow Dean to see how much of a hero she has been to him?Violet is suffering the aftereffects of an abusive exboyfriend who just won't leave her alone.(AU of Arkham Ayslum & Arkham Knight)Addie is the newest NXT diva to be making her way to the main roster.But getting there takes digging up some of the past with a certain lunatic. About how Addie met the man she loves known as Dean Ambrose back when he was just Jon Moxley.

One tryout leads to a job offer that Keyla can't refuse and a new chapter in her life takes shape.(AU of the Arkham Knight video game)Kaitlyn hadn't always gotten along with her stepbrother, Seth. But in the end she knows he'll always be there for her when she needs him. Ambreigns, high school AU, multi-chapter (gah, I wished I was better at doing summaries -.- but don't worry, not a story about pubescent, clingy 12-year-old ;)"Don't tell me you didn't hate me, at least a little bit." Dick looked at him."I can honestly say I've never hated you, little wing." Jason's fists clenched. "Before Tim was my Replacement, I was yours," he snapped.Roman is struggling to adjust to living with the haunting memories of his time in the Marines.Can they come together to help each other become whole again?

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As Dean builds his life up will he ever find someone that could steal his heart like Saige? Everyone thought she pulled the trigger and ended her ex-fiance's life.

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