Rookwood pottery dating system

Britain's last Frost Fair was held on the frozen River Thames, where the ice around Blackfriars Bridge was thick enough to bear the weight of an elephant.Winter temperatures were to remain below freezing for extended periods every winter until 1822.The carpenter's workshop was for work to be undertaken on repairs to barges and canal stock.There was "An old Salt House," a Granary, Ridley's Coal Warehouse, a Weighing House, and an "old coal yard." The Granary was let to Mr Cooper for £12. Ridley's warehouse was let to Thomas Ridley for a 20 year term at 5/- a year.Some parents could not afford the small fees, and in any case children were often needed to work to earn money.For some, Sunday School at the church was the only education available to children.The by-now eight troops of Suffolk Yeomanry originally formed in 1793 were formed into the First Regiment Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Calvary. At Chedburgh the Marquess of Bristol built a school for Jonathan Cooper, probably a former soldier, to use for his classes.Other places might rely on the rector or his wife to teach basic literacy.

In 1813 Charles Lowe, a prosperous miller at Ixworth, leased Pakenham watermill and its 40 acre farm from the Leheu family for £130 pa.The prizes on offer were pairs of shoes; a copper kettle; saddle; hat; and money.The day ended with a bonfire and the burning of an effigy of Bonaparte. Often a local tradesman or an ex-soldier, would be licensed by the Bishop to teach children in his home.In 1784 the Reverend Sir John Cullum had published his book on the history of Hawstead.In 1813 the work was re-published as "The History and Antiquities of Hawstead and Hardwick in the County of Suffolk." Sir John had died in 1785, but the new edition, which was limited to 230 copies, included his own corrections, as well as notes by his brother, Sir Thomas Gery Cullum, and 7 new plates.

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