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The dry down however was very pleasant, but not great or any different from 1000 other frags..

Second time I wore it, I like it much more and could get the fruity spice notes, and the scent lasted all day.

This is a compliment magnet, but after the opening. Edit: To the massive cock wombles who keep down voting every single review of this fragrance.

Get a life :) People will chase you down to find out what the hell you are wearing, young, old, black, white, male, female (everyday even after 8 hours)! The only bad thing about Aventus is you can't smell shortly after you put it on.

The fact of the matter is, thought, that this scent is a masterpiece. want guys to come and ask you what you are wearing cause their wives/girlfriends love the way you smell?

I first became interested in fragrances when I was in a supermarket and this scent just captured me. But I wanted to know what the composition was and that's how I first began to develop an interest. this is it want people at work to tell you that you smell amazing?

Now, I wear it fairly regular, and it tends to smell a little different on me each time.

Today I put it on after my shower, and first thing I got has a strong note of grapefruit, and later with spices and wood.

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Projection: 10/10 (2 hours) I was in my room and I put one spray on my chest and my mom could smell the cologne in her room.

Sillage: 10/10 (6 hours) My colleague could smell me 5 feet away with just 2 sprays.

When I stood in the line at a grocery store, there were two girls behind me trying to get closer to me to sniff the cologne.

When I turned back, I saw them stood very close to me and they both gave me big smiles.

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