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With the help of colleague Jim Zielinski, that’s what Hodgson set out to do.They had no clue that their little project eventually would grow into the highest-grossing arcade game of all time.“Basically your hand mimicked a golfer’s swing,” Zielinski said. You actually felt like you were the guy golfing.” The guy golfing also needed a vivid playground in which he could immerse himself.

Playing the game is a beer-soaked American pastime.A big part of the game’s success, Hodgson said, “comes down to the remarkable capacity that Jim has for creating golf courses that don’t necessarily mimic reality in the way that they play, but create a great challenge for the video game player who feels like he’s Tiger Woods.” At the beginning, the game was a bit too challenging. But as Zielinski watched people play the game, he quickly noticed a startling level of emotional investment.“I knew we had something the first time I saw a guy high-five another guy in a bar over a video game, in that he was proud of what he did,” he said.It really helped it out.” Internet-enabled tournaments quickly caught on.Top players also soon started being paid cash prizes, which made Golden Tee and its subsequent iterations even more popular.

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